Why Switzerland?

Quality, data privacy laws, political neutrality

We store and process users’ data by servers and storage systems, sited in the best quality enterprise datacenters in Switzerland. Switzerland is considered the best location for datacenters in the world because of its top class infrastructures, quality standards, high level of legal security and economic, political and social stability, comprehensive data protection laws. Switzerland is a permanently neutral state and it is not a member of the EU. Located in the heart of Europe, Switzerland is safe from natural disasters due to weather or seismic events. Generally, Data and Server Hosting is quickly replacing Switzerland’s banking industry, as a refuge for those seeking privacy and stability. Data protection is highly developed and stricter than in neighboring European countries and in the USA. Access to data without judicial control, as practiced by US companies under the US Patriot Act, is not allowed in Switzerland. We consider Switzerland as a peaceful haven for the storage of our clients’ confidential data.

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