Teamwork is most important

Since 2005, the company eForm Solutions AG is a provider of IT services to local companies located in the cantons of Zug, Schwyz and Zurich, Switzerland. Swiss Info Cloud - registered trademark. 

A service company is only as good as its employees and their cooperation. Therefore, we would like to introduce to you our team and give you an insight in our company philosophy. We also gladly answer your question about our team and our company philosophy!




Started his professional life with 4-year apprenticeship as a mechatronics at ESEC. Then worked another 4 years as a computer-supporter at the company WTM in Cham and after that spent some years as a Terminal Server Specialist in the company GTS-GRAL and Senior Systems Specialist in the MIAG (Baar). After 14 years of different experience joined eForm Solutions AG as a managing director.


IT Consultant

Completed the apprenticeship at MediaMatician in 2014 with a Matura diploma.Lives in the canton Schwyz. and works since the apprenticeship in canton Zug.


Board of directors president

Oliver grew up in Lake Constance area and now I lives since 2 decades in Switzerland with a family. Studied in banking and completed the studies as a Computer Scientist in Constance (DE). Founded the company eForm Solutions AG 9 years ago. Has a waste experience in implementing major ERP solutions, building and supporting Data Centers and more.


IT Consultant

I studied computer science at the Technion and Haifa University (Israel) 1996-2001. Worked in the development of Application LifeCycle Management software. My priorities are to identify clients' needs and providing appropriate solutions for their business.

I am able to translate human language into the language of IT people, and vice versa.

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