Private cloud: ready-made solution


Intensively-used multi-user large-scale data processing systems have important requirements as do complicated graphics processing applications and other resource-intensive systems. These requirements include the assembly of dedicated physical server units, network equipment and data storage grouped together to form a secure working environment. This is called a high-availability virtualization platform (sometimes virtualization cluster).

We will develop for you a dedicated virtualization platform located in a Swiss data processing center, which is controlled by you. We specialize in Microsoft Hyper-V environments and now recommend the implementation of Hyper-V 2012 R2.

  • High-availability virtualization platform (IBM/HP)
  • Data processing center Tier- IV Switzerland
  • Unlimited resources* (1/4 rack, ½ rack, whole rack)
  • Proper management
  • Access to the data centre under escort
  • Additional services - Backup, Exchange email, VoIP from SwissInfoCloud
  • Additional IT support and service programs from SwissInfoCloud


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