Telephone Numbers Worldwide


Telephone service companies provide the service of virtual phone numbers. These numbers do not use the user’s equipment and allow you to connect to the equipment of the company remotely.

The virtual phone number looks like an international number, for example, for Moscow +7 495 1234567 (where 7 is the country code, 495 - the city code, 1234567- the phone number.)

SwissInfoCloud provides the service of rental of virtual phone numbers and calls to external telephone lines. Functionally of a virtual phone number is comparable to a stationary PBX. However it has a number of advantages: the phone number is not attached to your office physically, the installation does not require any expensive equipment and it is possible to forward calls from a virtual number to your mobile phone number. In addition, you can make and receive calls from any computer or a smartphone connected to the Internet.

SwissInfoCloud provides the opportunity of acquiring a virtual phone number with the codes of many countries:  Austria (+43), Denmark (+45), Cyprus (+357), Estonia (+372), Latvia (+371), Switzerland (+41), UK (+44) and others.

For detailed information about the service and rates, please contact our representatives

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