Virtual Private Cloud (IaaS)


Using this model, you get dedicated capacity on the fault-tolerant SwissInfoCloud (IaaS) infrastructure, as well as a wide choice of software and services: office applications, collaboration tools, 1C solutions, CRM-systems and many others. Provides users with easy access to their desktop and greatly simplifies the administration of the IT infrastructure.

Locating your applications in a virtual private cloud in the SwissInfoCloud data centre, you can greatly extend the spectrum of your business opportunities.


All information is stored on servers in neutral Switzerland, with minimal risk of data loss. The guaranteed safety of all data stored on SwissInfoCloud servers is assured by automatic backups, so you can always be sure that no document is lost, even in the case of accidental or intentional deletion. The IT infrastructure is located on the server and is fully controlled by the administration of the company, (not by users as it is with local PCs). These provides full control for employees’ use of applications, thus increasing the level of data security.

Ease of use

From a user perspective, working with a remote desktop does not differ from working on a local computer. User applications are not installed on the work PC, but on the server, where access is through connection to the terminal and interaction with local devices such as a printer. The server runs continuously so the employee’s desktop is saved even if their PC is switched off. Employees thus do not have to close working applications and can continue their work in the next session, from the point of which it was interrupted.


Employees can work from any device and from anywhere in the world where is the Internet connection or a mobile network. The company can expand by hiring employees who work remotely.

Reduced requirements for employees’ PCs – employees’ workstations operate as terminals so high-performance PCs are not required. Renting software instead of buying expensive licenses will allow your company to reduce costs.

IT- infrastructure outsourcing

SwissInfoCloud significantly expands standard features, complementing them with such important properties as guaranteed high reliability and performance.

  • IBM servers equipped with high-frequency new generation Intel Xeon processors
  • Network architecture is based on Cisco and Fortigate hardware solutions
  • Hard Drives SAS, speed up to 15K RPM, combined into RAID arrays located on the DAS storage with a 6 Gbps bus
  • The possibility of cross backup and clustering in different data centres
  • Flexible Internet traffic packages up to 1 Gbps
  • MPLS L2 on request
  • Contracts terms starting from three months


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