Network security and firewall services


In order to ensure information security when using the Internet, SwissInfoCloud uses hardware security gateways from the first manufacturers. These devices provide firewall services, VPN- router, and also protection against spam and malware.


The firewall monitors and filters packets passing through the network in accordance with set rules.

The main objective of the firewall is the protection of the computer networks or individual units from unauthorized access. Firewalls are often referred to as filters, as their primary objective is to block (filter) packets that do not match the criteria defined in the configuration.


Anti-virus software is specialized software for detecting computer viruses and unwanted (usually harmful) software. It allows for the recovery of files infected (modified) by such software, as well as for prevention of infection (modification) of files or the operating system by malicious code.

A computer virus is software that spreads from computer to computer via the Internet. Once in a computer, a virus can steal, block, or even destroy your data. Another form of malicious code, spyware, tracks all your activities on the computer and on the Internet and can send your passwords to the hackers.

Antivirus prevents viruses entering your computer and thus ensures protection of your data. Installed on the firewall, Antivirus checks data for security before it enters the SwissInfoCloud internal network. So:

  • malicious data does not enter into the system
  • the load on the server is reduced
  • the level of data security is increased.

Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)

Intrusion Prevention System is a network and computer security system that detects intrusions or breaches of security (hacker attacks) and automatically protects against them. IPS monitors the network activity in real time and quickly implements actions to prevent attacks. Possible measures include blocking traffic flow on the network, connection reset and giving signals to the operator. The IPS system used in SwissInfoCloud is regularly updated and contains the most recent data on the possible types of attacks.

Web Content Filter (Web-filter)

Web Filter allows you to control employee access to certain websites or categories of sites on the Internet. You can put a ban on "all social networks" or, for example, or only on "Facebook". You can ban visits to any sites, allow visits to certain sites only at certain times, or simply set an alert that a visit to this site is undesirable.

SPAM message filter (Spam-filter)

Spam is the sending of commercial or other types of messages, or of advertising, to persons who have not expressed a wish to receive them. Spam-filter monitors all email messages, collects statistics and deletes messages containing spam, and/or links to potentially malicious network resources. You can allow the potential spam into the system by setting a SPAM tag in addition to the mail subject.


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