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Secure and Comfortable

Success in business requires efficient and reliable communication - for  successful negotiations, prompt resolution of emerging issues, constant two-way communication with customers and partners, as well as for effective staff management. Communication tools include telegraph, telephone, mobile communications, and finally, high-tech IP- or VoIP telephony with reliable telephone conversation encryption. SafeVoice is a secure solution to protect business information.


Your calls made with SafeVoice (voice over IP) are protected by the highest level of encryption. With SafeVoice you have complete confidence that your telephone conversations and instant messages are totally private.


SafeVoice is the private cloud service based on Skype for Business by Microsoft Corporation (R)

  • Free calls within corporate network, free text messages, voice mail, call transfer
  • Screen share, file transfer
  • Low-cost calls to mobile and landline telephone numbers
  • Protection from wiretapping is conducted by means of embedded encryption protocols
  • You gain all the benefits of telephone communication plus the multiple additional features of VoIP telephony
  • Immediate and scheduled conferences
  • Virtual number to receive and make calls outside the corporate network to more than 40 countries worldwide

What is Virtual Number?

A virtual phone number is useful when launching a pilot product, starting a business, moving from one premises to another, as well as for communication with employees working remotely. Our service will help you easily expand your business, get an exclusive number and have unlimited communication with foreign partners and customers.

A virtual phone number is a number that is independent of the particular communication device, local telephone line or mobile phone SIM-card. Its main purpose is forwarding all incoming calls to various communication channels and online services. This number can be used for ordinary telephone conversations, for receipt of text and fax messages, and be part of VoIP and conferencing. SwissInfoCloud offers virtual numbers in Switzerland, Europe and more than 40 other countries worldwide, either including or excluding VoIP service.

With the virtual number service you will be able to receive and make calls to conventional phone numbers — landline and mobile.

A virtual phone number is created by special software that can be installed on your computer, notebook or any mobile device: iPhone, iPad, Android. We can also configure the software to display the caller’s phone number, and many other options



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