OneTime password RSASecurID

RSA – Protection from unauthorized access

One of the most important aspects of information security is the procedure for accessing the remote computer in SwissInfoCloud. For this purpose we use a one-time password authentication device, RSA SecurID. The same (or similar) devices are used to connect to the internet banking software.

From a functional point of view, the RSA SecurID authenticator is a pseudo-random number generator. Once a minute it generates a one-time access code based on the built-in timer reading and the initial meter value which is unique for each authenticator. Thus it is very difficult to determine, based on previous values, the code generated by the authenticator each minute, making unauthorized access attempts almost impossible. The communication channel between the authenticator and the authentication server is also securely protected.

RSA SecurID authenticator is very easy to use and also much safer than simple passwords. The users who obtained a personal authenticator print the number of their account and a one-time access code - a combination of digits in the identification dialogue box, which is currently displayed on the screen of the authenticator. RSA SecurID solution does not require any additional software installation on the user's computer.

SwissInfoCloud recommends using RSA SecurID along with the services of the "Remote Desktop" and "Security Gateway (VPN)".



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