IT outsourcing

Let's do the job together

Whether you provide administration services to your local clients or manage a small hosting business, we supplement your line of products with our robust and easy to use solutions. You can easy integrate our order processing into your existing business process. It allows you to serve more to your customers, produce additional value to your company and generate extra profit. We supply all the supporting materials from white papers and instruction videos to white-label on-line store platform.

New solutions for your customers

With SwissInfoCloud you can offer your customers a powerful infrastructure, an extended range of services, rapid integration of new solutions and a significant competitive advantage.


Using the SwissInfoCloud infrastructure and services, you immediately have the hardware-software platform that you need for project implementation. No need to wait for equipment delivery or software licensing arrangements.

Focus on your business objectives

You can use your own resources more efficiently - our experts deal with all aspects of configuration and administration of the virtual server infrastructure.

The architecture and configuration you need

The SwissInfoCloud server infrastructure is configured to meet individual customer requirements, providing reliability, speed of access, flexibility and scalability for your IT solutions.

Affiliate Program

By joining SwissInfoCloud® affiliate programs, everyone regardless of whether he is our client or not, has the opportunity to receive additional bonuses and discounts, depending on the selected manner of affiliation. Our affiliate programs are suitable both for companies that operate in the IT industry and for individuals who would like to sell simple hosting services.
Each of our offered affiliation options has the following additional benefits:

  • opportunity to offer a complementary solution to customers without any obligation to invest in development, support and running on its own hosting platform;
  • additional profit through bonuses and discounts that you receive from the Affiliate Program;
  • exchange of valuable experience;
  • benefits of mutual advertising, and more.

We are extremely flexible with our reseller, referrals, and channel relationships. 

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